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Since the fall of 2013 Wealthy Sisters Network has been creating a sisterhood of women who are INTENTIONAL about the education needed to move women BEYOND just making it to a place where they live lives RICH in mind, body and spirit.


What makes WSN different than other networking groups? 



We provide support for women owned businesses AND those still working to thrive in the corporate sector. If you YEARN for likeminded partnerships THIS is the place!


We operate MORE as a family where EVERYONE is accepted, versus a click where ONLY certain people have access to the knowledge and support.

And best of all…

We offer a professional environment but we are FAR from being BORING and STUFFY. We LOVE to make money and be successful, but who says you can’t have fun while doing it. You can consider us a cross between a sorority and a chamber of commerce!


If you are tired of being alone in life and business while you strive for the next level, then this is the place for you!


We have worked HARD with the help of our members and supporters to build a SOLID reputation.

Stay Informed

For those looking for a NATIONAL and soon to come AN INTERNATIONAL platform, our continuously growing network of BOTH online and offline sisters gives you the opportunities to move WELL beyond your local region. 

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