It is important that we not only SUPPORT women owned businesses but that we be deliberate in seeking out those businesses to patronize them. By listing YOUR business in the Wealthy Sisters Network Directory, you will have the opportunity to be viewed by the thousands who visit our site daily as well as placing yourself on a platform so that women CAN be deliberate about doing business with YOU! Don’t just SAY you have a women owned business, do what it takes to be FOUND and supported. Your ADVERTISEMENT is a MARKETING TAX WRITE OFF!
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    Could Watching Movies Have Healing Properties?

    April 15, 2015

    Have you ever watched a movie that really got to you?   I mean really got you? Movies have a way of seeping into our consciousness. They can make us laugh or cry. Most of all they make us think and reflect. Some of the best movies aren’t necessarily the blockbusters. They are the ones […]

  • Parole Hearings 101 Blog - COURT-Cell

    Are you Aware of Your Rights? – Parole Hearings 101

    February 16, 2015

    Are You Aware of Your Rights? PAROLE HEARINGS 101   Have you assessed your situation lately? Do you know your rights? Have you been covered? Do you know where to turn, how to get assistance or when you should seek help? If not, let me assist you with these facts in my segment called Parole […]

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    Thoughts on Marriage

    This past weekend we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Well, most couples did. My husband and I don’t celebrate the occasion. Why? Because we got married on February 13th. It was a Friday. I told hubby that I would never require him to get me anything for Valentine’s Day because we would already be celebrating our anniversary. […]

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